Texas, Y’all!

If you are wandering the streets of The Woodlands, Texas and you happen to come across a couple scooter kids with light up wheels and are dressed in capes and Pyjamas – they’re ours!!! Jake and Lil have settled in nicely and have started FULL Day Kindergarten…….I’m excited, I mean, they’re excited….okay maybe we’re all […]

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Howdy, Y’All!

We have put another 40 hour road trip behind us AND we didn’t have any major issues or dramas – I know, shocking right!! It was such a great experience but makes for a less exciting blog post;). I mean, no breakdowns, no dramas, not even a little poop mishap – which seems to be […]

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Here we go Again (on our own;)

It’s time to hit the road again and this time we will be gone for 6 months! The Woodlands Texas is where we’re headed, right after Christmas. We have to get there in time for FULL DAY KINDERGARTEN to start, after all;) Yes everyone, you read that right, the kiddos will be in school ALL […]

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I Understand!

We are calling this month of our adventure – the Yukon debacle of 2021! We bought the Yukon XL from Western GMC in Edmonton Alberta and that’s where this train wreck began… As I have mentioned in a past post, Nick has been drooling over this Daddy Wagon for quite some time and while we […]

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Another Rocky Start!!

Boy, do I have a lot to catch everyone up on…We made it home after another 40 hour trek with a week’s stay in Minnesota. It was fairly uneventful considering, well, that it’s us;). We spent a lovely month between home and the cabin and had some great visits but it’s time to get back […]

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Bit of a Bumpy Start!

Day 1!! Can you feel the excitement in the air? We’re all packed up, I’ve checked my 5 page list 17 times, Let’s do this Willard’s. Let me walk you through our day: 6:30 am – Wake Up – Press Snooze 6:45 am – 8 am – Roll out of bed, make coffee, a road […]

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