Left, Left, just Stay left

Have you ever voluntarily put yourself in a position where you had to drive on the opposite side of the road? In a giant Motorhome? With kids in the back who need snacks every 7 minutes? This was a dream for Nick, a ridiculous one albeit;). He loves driving, if it’s not fast it may […]

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In a sunburned country

In a Sunburned Country by Bill Bryson – This is the book we read before heading to Australia the first time and I can say with my absolute whole heart that Bill Bryson is by far my favourite Author.  I mean, if you like to laugh until you cry, which I happen to;).  He is clever and witty […]

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Road Trip Battle Anyone??

You know what they say, ‘Time Flies when you’re WARM’….I mean, having Fun …. right it’s Fun.  In our case, it flies extremely fast when you’re having fun while staying warm!! We left Canada During a Polar Vortex, that’s right a POLAR VORTEX!!  According to the Texas Locals, It’s VERY Cold in January and to […]

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Texas, Y’all!

If you are wandering the streets of The Woodlands, Texas and you happen to come across a couple scooter kids with light up wheels and are dressed in capes and Pyjamas – they’re ours!!! Jake and Lil have settled in nicely and have started FULL Day Kindergarten…….I’m excited, I mean, they’re excited….okay maybe we’re all […]

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Howdy, Y’All!

We have put another 40 hour road trip behind us AND we didn’t have any major issues or dramas – I know, shocking right!! It was such a great experience but makes for a less exciting blog post;). I mean, no breakdowns, no dramas, not even a little poop mishap – which seems to be […]

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Here we go Again (on our own;)

It’s time to hit the road again and this time we will be gone for 6 months! The Woodlands Texas is where we’re headed, right after Christmas. We have to get there in time for FULL DAY KINDERGARTEN to start, after all;) Yes everyone, you read that right, the kiddos will be in school ALL […]

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I Understand!

We are calling this month of our adventure – the Yukon debacle of 2021! We bought the Yukon XL from Western GMC in Edmonton Alberta and that’s where this train wreck began… As I have mentioned in a past post, Nick has been drooling over this Daddy Wagon for quite some time and while we […]

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