Aussie Aussie Aussie – Oi, Oi, Oi

Meet Miranda;

This beaut was a true Sheila. A 1985 Toyota Hiace with a Pop top (aftermarket, of course;) and 5 on the tree!! In 2005 Nick and I picked up this quality automobile for $3500….what a deal!!! Where did we find such a specimen? Australia, of course – Kings Crossing to be exact and if you know it, you know that you can pick up more than a van, if you know what I mean – haha.

It’s been 17 years since Nick and I filled our backpacks and headed to the land down under and we are beyond ready to get back!! Times have changed and we will be filling up 4 backpacks this time but unfortunately Miranda might not cut it anymore….We are now in our 40’s and with that comes picky backs and bladders;). I don’t want to brag or anything but we’ve rented a Motorhome with an actual bathroom – with a toilet AND a real bed!!! Don’t get me wrong, Miranda was great but part of our bed consisted of 2 yoga mats and an Igloo cooler to prop Nicks feet up. Youth is wasted on the young;)

Our Family trip will keep us away from home for the month of November and as long as that seems, we already know it won’t be near enough time. If we make it through the 21 hours of flight time there, (we might just deserve a medal, hehe, so dramatic) we might not want to endure the 21 hours of flight time to return home;). A month might not be enough time to forget that we will voluntarily be trapped in the sky with our kids for that long, once again. Oh ya, plus we have lots to do and people to see!! We’re coming for you Cory and Craig!!! I didn’t quite mean for that to sound like a threat…or did I????

Nick and I started our travelling adventures separately before we were dating. We both chose Europe as our first destination and that is ultimately what helped lead us to each other….that and the fact that Nick thought to duct tape his sandals to his feet in a mosh pit (who wouldn’t be attracted to that;)!! Travelling has always been such an important part of our lives – so much to the point that Nick and I have a hard time feeling settled until we are in motion. We feel the most content and grounded when we are exploring and are in new situations. We keep waiting for this to change as we get older and felt like maybe once we had kids we would want to stay rooted, but if anything, it grows stronger all the time. The best thing Lily has ever said to us (you know, besides the obvious – I love you mom, you’re the best mom on the planet, wow mom – you really are good at everything….haha… you know I might be stretching the truth;) was, home is where we all are!!

17 years ago, we left home for 6 months and visited Singapore, Australia, New Zealand and Bali. We made lifelong friends, created memories that still come up in weekly conversations, and formed a foundation that remains in place to this day between Nick and I and has transcended to our kids. We left a piece of ourselves in Oz and we can’t wait to bring our kids there and let them fall in love with the adventure.

Planning a big trip like this can put a lot of pressure on everyone in a weird way. The anticipation and expectations can become unaligned and it’s important to communicate. For example I tell the kids all the time that when we get off the airplane we won’t be seeing a kangaroo in the airport!! Just like when you come to Canada people don’t just see Igloos and dogsleds all over the place;) I’m also a huge realist and recognize that things don’t always go as planned. We are travelling with an open mind and as a mom I know to fully expect the unexpected……. I’m just hoping that it’s not me who craps my pants first….cause someone will eventually;).

Oldies But Goodies;)

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