Kids, We’re going on an Adventure!

Hi!! Welcome to our blog – I want to get something out of the way early!!! I am not a writer, I’m a talker so please be patient with my terrible script. This is our first blog and a lot of our friends suggested we keep a journal to share with everyone about our unique adventure.

Nick and I are no strangers to travel, the bug hit us both hard in our early 20’s. We each planned trips to Europe before we ever dated and ever since then we were hooked!! Together we have travelled to Greece, Australia, Singapore, Bali, New Zealand, Peru, Cuba, Dominican, Mexico (so many times), Belize, Drove across Canada, and have spent a lot of time in the States. Nick and I both spent time in Europe Separately and Nick has worked in Egypt, Pakistan and Alaska. We LOVE to travel, I mean, what’s not to like. Exploring a new culture, meeting great people and trying all the food – Fantastic!! Most of these trips we were dirty backpackers, roughing it and staying in hostels, living in vans and generally having the best time you can imagine!

We love adventure and we love kids and have always wanted a family. It took us 8 years to meet our twins, Jake and Lily – Boy was it worth it!!! We truly have been blessed. As wonderful and amazing as kids are, they certainly do shake things up……especially travel, haha!!

Before we had the kids we decided to build the ‘perfect’ house – ‘If we build it, they will come’ – This was our full on Field of Dreams Moment and YES they did come. It was a complete shift for us and we welcomed it. The house served a great purpose, we really didn’t leave it for 3 years with the exception of a trip to Mexico, thanks to the help of awesome grandparents donating their extra luggage space (which is invaluable, am I right?) Plus so much more!!! We are so lucky – we have a great support system!!!

Nick also started a business before the kiddos were born. It’s called Versys and they specialize in Industrial Electrical, Instrumentation, and Mechanical. A lot of commitment and responsibility BUT a true passion for Nick and his business partners. Between the kids, house, Business and my work we fell into a very full and exceptional life that we were thankful for. BUT we have always missed the adventure and knew that it was time to start introducing it to our Kids!! This is super important to us, top of the list, next to not being a douche;)

This whole adventure fell into our lap!! Versys has a shop in Duluth, MN and they need some management help – Perfect.

Question 1: How long are we going for? Unknown exactly

Question 2: Do we keep our house? This was an easy one to answer – NO! We Love our house, No question, we have been grateful to have it but it’s been too much house. We are getting so tired of possessions owning us. You buy a big house and then you fill it up and that’s exactly what we did. This is not a dis on anyone that has done the same, it really is great!!! We just have a lot going on and really want to simplify our life. We don’t have a lot of extra time to maintain a Huge house and the yard work….I mean I haven’t been able to keep a tree alive in the front yard in 6 years…eek!!!

Question 3: How will the kids handle the change? Nick and I grew up the exact opposite ways – I had a very stable upbringing and he did not. I have always been challenged with Change and Nick has not. We have been prepping the kids for months, talking about how ‘home’ is where family is and we did some test runs in the trailer and they loved it – little adventurers at heart!! So proud!! BUT we are extra patient with them especially knowing the change we are imposing on them. As most people know, KIDs are resilient. They are so happy if they have their snack containers and a Park!!!!

We decided it was the perfect time to challenge them and ourselves!!!! We hope you enjoy our blog. We’ll let you know how we chose what to travel in and how the trip is going so far:):) We are grateful for all the support our friends and family have given us!!!

4 thoughts on “Kids, We’re going on an Adventure!

  1. We couldn’t be prouder of the 4 of you. We will see you when you get back. Love mom and dad grandma and grandpa Martin


  2. This sounds like an awesome adventure! I’ll be watching you guys…..not in a creepy way……😀
    Have so much fin!


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