We’re Back!!!

What a whirlwind Trip, we went back home for a few weeks and by home, I mean Alberta –  you know, because our house is in tow and always with us;)  

We were able to see so many great people and made it out to our cabin (our happy place).  We are renewed and ready to get back on the road.

Real Talk Time!!!!  Our first month of travel was NOT as easy as we imagined it would be.  Selling our house, saying goodbye to friends, family and Versys was hard, even though it’s temporary.  What we are really saying goodbye to is Stability, Support, Childcare, Nicks Daily Interaction with his team, The Gym and its routine, my friends propping me up on challenging days and familiarity.  

I have always worked and even after the twins were born I was dabbling and had help to balance work and kids from early on.  Let me tell you something straight up – FULL TIME MOMS are the real deal and deserve a God Damn Medal!!  Trying to raise 3 year olds, in any situation, seems impossible (Am I being a bit dramatic;).  They are straight up plotting against me 24/7.  ‘I’m Sorry mom –  what did you say – oh ya, I’m not listening’….yeesh!!  Don’t get me wrong, they are also at a great stage of discovery and the things that come out of their mouths is hilarious and sweet but also emotional and extra patience is required.  

Nick is so busy at work, like really really busy on the daily so its been a hard adjustment on days that we are driving to balance work load and getting the miles in.  ***Current Situation***  We are in the Big Sky Grocery Parking Lotmiddle of nowhere Montana where Nick is on an important conference call and the kids are colouring in the back seat asking for snacks (which they do, every 5 minutes!  You’d think we were starving them;)

Communication!!!!  This is the absolute key in any situation but in particular, road tripping with your family while balancing everything else, it comes in handy.  While we were at the cabin, we talked and talked and talked some more about how we can improve the next leg of our trip and some hard truths had to come out.  Luckily we have been well trained!!  Nick and I have been in counselling basically every 6 weeks for the last decade and let me tell you – DO IT!!  Jill, our councillor ( I don’t think an introduction for most is needed – So many people we know see her;) has made a tremendous impact on our marriage and daily lives.

Now we have a rough outline of how our days are going to look and every morning we talk about our expectations for the day and it has made all the difference.  We are ready for the next leg.

Side Note: Critical tip for any RV Traveller – Make sure your fridge door is closed nice and tight!!!  Especially when you have 2 dogs travelling in said trailer and Especially after a Costco trip where you bought a giant salmon for supper.

Yep, thats right, it was raining food on the dogs and I bet they’ve never been happier!!  I’m not sure which one (or both) put back that entire salmon but they must have thought they won the doggie lottery!  We had no choice but to laugh as we pictured them in the back sleeping away only to have the fridge pop open and BOOM Salmon, for All!!  We are sure there was no hesitation on their end.  Lucky Dudes!!

Before I go, I will let you know that Montana is Beautiful and if you want to have the Best Chai Tea Latte of your life (bold statement, I know)  You’ll find it in a little town called Bend – Population 600!!!

Take Care Everyone!!!

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