Failure is NOT an Option

And deodorant is a must!

It took us 45 hours to Drive here from Canada (Grande Prairie, to be exact)….45 hours, are we crazy?? Yes, Certifiable I bet – We better ask Jill;) The Kids travelled so well, we can’t complain but when we hit Houston City Limits we just couldn’t wait to get to our RV spot and stay put for 2 weeks. Hitting Houston City Limits pretty much just means that you are still an hour away from where you need to be! Who Cares? We Made it!!! Yeee Hawwww!

I don’t want to Brag BUT we are staying at a Resort – Yes you heard me, an RV RESORT and Yes Its a real thing!! Basically it’s super clean, safe, has a pool and Laundry (fancy, right!!!) Boy have we come a long way from a Walmart Parking lot;)

The Pool has been a huge hit with both the kids and us, its actually warm so we pretty much try and go every night. The kids have made so many little friends at the Pool – They talk to everyone but a few lucky ladies get hit with the Jake ‘smoulder’. He is an absolute flirt and uses his powers to win over the ladies of his choosing. Right now his ‘friend’ is this young pregnant lady and he takes every opportunity to show off to her – Its very sweet.

We met a ‘super-kid’ at the pool as well…..he’s’ 5 years old and is in Grade 3 – YES Grade 3, can swim really well is on an olympic focused Gymnastics Team. He was very sweet and impressive . His Dad was telling me all of his achievements and I told him how amazing his son is and that I’m just so happy my kids don’t Crap themselves anymore, hehe!!! This meeting did inspire me to buy some ‘school’ books for the kids and to try a little harder with them. I’m not looking for 5 year old Grade 3 ers – We will continue to set the bar in the middle, haha!! Or at whatever pace they choose at this point.

This boy inspired Lily to Jump in the pool without her lifejacket on (she wanted to go underwater) and gave us the scare of our lives. We were getting ready to leave and had just taken off the kids life jackets when Lil ran into the shallow end and then walked off the steps and the water came just over her nose and mouth when she stood up. Nick was on it and grabbed her super quick but it was a good lesson for her to Learn to respect the water. Let me tell you guys – They now wear their life jackets until we get back to our ‘trailer house’ Haha!!! Water is NO JOKE and I am Hyperaware of the Dangers but boy kids are fast!!

Let’s Talk Temperature!! Everyone we have met along the way have straight up told us that we are absolutely ridiculous to be going to Houston in the Summer so we were a little nervous that we were going to be human puddles on our Resort Concrete Pad. We were in Colorado and were contemplating if we needed to add a second A/C unit and at the time we decided NO, we would be good. PEOPLE!!!! Please don’t make decisions about heat when you are COLD. Of course we thought we’d be fine, the clothes we were wearing were still dry!!! Colorado is at like, 0% humidity and only 25C when we were there….ROOKIES!!!

We rolled into Houston during a ‘Cold Front’. Thank Goodness….this gave us a day to Wake the Hell up and get that 2nd Unit Installed. We started noticing that every other ‘rig’ had 3 A/C Units….THREE!! We were going to die. The day we installed the Unit it was 38C with 85% humidity so it actually felt more like 42C!! We do NOT shut these units off for any reason At All, they have been going non stop for 2 weeks and its been glorious. Mid Day our indoor temperature is 25C and it feels like a deep freeze compared to outside, haha!!! We are going to freeze when we come back home;)

Real Talk – Its not that bad!! You kinda get used to it and when you have a pool and you dress for the weather, its pretty great actually. The dogs are suffering a bit though!! We get up early and they both get a decent run in and lucky enough there is an off leash park to go to BUT they don’t get to spend a lot of time in it during the day. They hate the heat but once it starts cooling off in the evenings, they go for another walk. I think they just miss laying outside watching everything and everyone around them. They are adapting though and are shedding like crazy. Lloyd has submitted to the fact that Lily loves dressing him up and including him in her playtime and Gunner lays on our bed under the constant A/C stream. No way is he going to be a princess!!!

This RV park has a business Centre and Nick spends the time he’s not in meetings over there. It’s great, he has good internet, some privacy and more importantly some space from us to work. It’s very convenient! We rented a car and I have been bombing around with the kiddos during the day and exploring.

We had a crazy busy weekend being the most stereotypical tourists you could imagine. We checked out the Zoo, Went to an Astros Baseball Game and spent a day at Nasa. Cliffs Notes on what we discovered:

  • Houston has a nice zoo but zoos always gives me conflicting feelings
  • Wearing a back pack in 38C Weather makes me really really sweaty
  • Did you know the Astros is short for Astronauts….embarrassing….Nick and I both missed this. Their mascot is called Orbit for petes sake!! We might be idiots, haha
  • Kids really only want to sit through 3 innings because thats when they start to realize that they don’t actually get to play baseball.
  • Jake is OBSESSED with baseball (thanks to Papa as well;)
  • Lily really enjoyed it too but her Jam was dancing and cheering and waving at everyone and oh ya, popcorn (me too!!!)
  • Nasa was SUPER COOL, honestly!!!
  • The kids had a self made dance party on ‘Mars’ – The video is hilarious and I will try to load
  • Jake either wants to go to space (if theres snacks)or play baseball and lily wants to ride a unicorn named Happy!!! We all have goals!!

Back home I’m pretty aware of what I put on my body and I have always chosen deodorants that are natural and have had good luck. I may have had to reapply mid day but it really worked. I threw that s**t out on day 1 and went straight to the store and bought the strongest brand I could find, haha!! I knew that if I wanted to make any friends at all I would need to make sure they didn’t pass out before getting to know me!!!! I know, I know, My body will adapt but we are headed back to Minnesota on Wednesday and as we head North I will be less likely to offend anyone with my armpits;)

We Miss everyone and hope you are all doing well:):) Thanks for spending your time reading about our crazy little life, it means a lot and if you made it through without nodding off, even better;);)

One thought on “Failure is NOT an Option

  1. Awesome journey guys, you will look back years later and cherish those memories forever. Safe travels and say Hi to Mr. Nick,
    Jim and Dianne.


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