Made it with Only 136 Bathroom Breaks!

We took off like a heard of turtles in our super roomy and powerful Honda Pilot;). We did maintain our timeline which is crazy considering we broke down in the middle of nowhere, Montana. Our random breakdown only put us back 4 hours, thanks to Nick’s inability to accept No and his ability to power through ANY situation – this carries into all aspects of his life!!

I was a little apprehensive about hotel stays with the dogs considering the last time was…terrible…, wait….that actually might be an understatement!! The dogs have never really stayed in a hotel and the only experience they had stressed them out and they had a hard time settling and loved to get us up hourly to make sure we were all miserable, haha.

Guys, they did AWESOME, really really awesome!!! I think they were just so happy to get out of the car everyday. We made sure to give them as much exercise as possible and breaks during the day. They certainly didn’t have as much space in the car as we’d hoped but they also are very resilient!!

Nick’s favourite thing while driving is to pass 21 big trucks and then hear the words, ‘Dad, I have to go pee!’….for the 32nd time that morning, Classic!!! It took us 3 nights and 4 days to pull into The Woodlands, which is a community North of Houston. We were 7 minutes away from our Condo when we had to stop for the last pee break, just couldn’t make it. Travelling with 5 year olds, greatest excuse for my insanely inept bladder;);).

Our Condo is great, we have a pool (which prob sounds ultra spoiled but the reality is that everyone has a pool down here. It’s hot hot hot;), a fitness centre and a co-work business centre. Our first full day, we did a Costco run and then I continued on with my running around/kidless time and Nick took Jake and Lil to the pool. We all needed it;). When I got back, I helped Nick get the kids upstairs. The kids went to go get changed and Jake calls me from the bathroom because he needs help (never a great sign;). He pooped his little swimming trunks (I swear, the kid usually has quite the control over his bowels!!). I’m talking fluorescent green and it’s not solid and it’s wet and its alarming…eek. ‘Hey Jake, did this just happen?’…..Yes mom. ‘Okay, so you didn’t do this in the pool?’….’Well, maybe a little!!’ Internally, I’m freaking out a bit, haha. The pool is really really really nice and isn’t necessarily just FULL of kids and the idea that the new people just dropped a green log in the pool, disturbed me slightly, haha. What an impression to leave;).

Lily had her own traumas this week, poor little thing. She has a beloved stuffy Kitty named ‘Kiki’ and poor little Kiki met her demise in the condo trash chute…eek!! Nick and the kids took the garbage out for the first time and while Lil was throwing out some cardboard she also let go of Kiki. The details are too graphic for an ordinary, family friendly blog BUT Lily was beside herself. I was out and Nick called me about 17 times to find another Ty brand Kiki. I couldn’t…even though we managed to see one at EVERY dang Gas Station along the whole drive down!! She cried herself to sleep and I went out the next day and finally found one at the 10th store. I felt So, So, SO bad for her. Kiki’s ‘Twin’ is happy in her new home and Lily has made a full recovery!!

Nick has settled into work and has met a lot of great contacts along the way. Apparently we are the newest members of the ‘Canadian Mafia’ down here;). I guess we’re starting to take over, haha. We are in love with condo living, with 2 dogs and 2 kids, it’s not something we ever pictured for ourselves but honestly we LOVE being able to walk everywhere. We are outside ALL the time and enjoy the low maintenance life style especially while we are so busy. Meeting people is also a very big plus!

Our Yukon should be fixed and ready to go in the next week or so. Nick will fly to Montana and drive it back….sounds fun right, hehe. We will keep the Pilot down here in Texas so that we have an extra vehicle on hand. We really hope that everyone is doing well and enjoying the last bit of Summer:). Take care and chat soon!!

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