Here we go Again (on our own;)

Enjoying a Good ‘ol Canadian Winter

It’s time to hit the road again and this time we will be gone for 6 months! The Woodlands Texas is where we’re headed, right after Christmas. We have to get there in time for FULL DAY KINDERGARTEN to start, after all;) Yes everyone, you read that right, the kiddos will be in school ALL day. I’m excited, a little sad and totally scared all at the same time.

How will we be getting there, you ask? Update time!!! When we arrived back to Canada, Nick drove our Lemon GMC Yukon right to Western GMC and dropped it off with the keys!! They assured us they would have it fixed up and ready to hit the road in no time BUT Nick Declined with a hard, No Thank you. LOOOOONNNNGGGGG Story Short:

  1. Western agreed to buy it back for what we owed (GM Canada did throw in $2000 to soften the blow)
  2. They provided us with a brand new Buick small SUV to use while the next Yukon became available
  3. Nick had requested a new Gas Yukon instead of the diesel
  4. We returned the Yukon early September and the new one just arrived mid December, just in time
  5. Nick drove it to Calgary and there was a definite shimmy which was quite concerning considering our history;)
  6. The solution was to swap out the 22″ rims for 20’s and apparently this is quite a common concern.

GMC Canada (via Western GMC) and Nick had been in negotiations for a few months trying to cover our costs that we in-cured between parts, flights, rentals and parts, and more parts;). Apparently heartbreak, inconvenience and our urine soaked Honda Pilot doesn’t have a price tag;). At the end of the day, they paid $5000 CAD of the $4900 USD expenses.

We have a Daddy Wagon again and we are almost ready to hit the road, you know, once we get through Christmas and all that;). I would be lying if I said I wasn’t overwhelmed right now!! I’ve been working a lot, Nick is super busy, I am behind on Christmas Shopping, my house is a disaster and we are leaving for a half year on the 28th of December. Anyone feeling jealous right now??

I am struggling between feeling sooo excited and yet nervous about how the kids will do in a new school with such long days ahead of them. Nick is the master of ‘not borrowing worry’ and I am the opposite and like to lean into it, haha. At this point, I have recalibrated and am really taking it one day at a time and trying my best to be present, especially because of the season! Who cares if my house isn’t perfect when I leave – no one will know….except all of you;)

The dogs are pumped too – I mean, being able to ride in a car for a total of 40 hours with 2 – 5 year olds is enough to get anyone unbearably excited, right?? We did buy a giant Thule for the roof of the Yukon so the dogs have more room than all of us, which makes me feel great!

The kids and I talk about our move all the time and I do know they are a little nervous and unsure BUT they always say they are excited, mostly about not having to wear ski pants, haha!! They can’t believe they won’t have to dress up in 125 layers just to walk 3 minutes to school!!

We will head back North after the kids finish school in May, just in time for the nice Canadian Summer. Nick has wanted to skip Winter for a Long, Long, Long, did I mention, Long time and this is the perfect opportunity. The Versys shop is up and running and Nick will be sure to make use of his time down there:).

We will miss everyone but believe me, when the summertime hits, we will be calling you all up for some visits!!! Merry Christmas from our family, to yours!!!

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