Texas, Y’all!

If you are wandering the streets of The Woodlands, Texas and you happen to come across a couple scooter kids with light up wheels and are dressed in capes and Pyjamas – they’re ours!!!

Jake and Lil have settled in nicely and have started FULL Day Kindergarten…….I’m excited, I mean, they’re excited….okay maybe we’re all a little excited;). Our school days look a little different here, first off we drop them off at 7:45 and they start at 8!!!….yes, that’s AM. At home, our kids got up at 7:30 and started school at 8:30. In the mornings, Jake often mumbles that it’s way too early to be getting up!! Our kids go to bed at 7:30pm so you think they would be well rested, haha. Now that it’s been a few months, he mumbles less and less and I stress less and less about how each day will go. He could be motivated because apparently he’s met his future wife, her name is Aubrey and she’s nice and has cool outfits (really – the most important qualities to a 5 year old)!!

Nick drops them off at school on his way to the office. Best part of my day;) – hear me out….When Nick drops the kids off at school, they just jump out of the car, I mean, almost always;) When I drop off the kids, it’s like the kids turn into stage 5 clingers with Law degrees… their negotiation skills are second to none and I have limited boundaries and it usually ends up in tears for them and me. When I pick them up at 3:10, they are happy and excited to tell me about their days – we go home, have a snuggle and a chat to catch up.

Having twins can be challenging BUT it’s a comforting feeling knowing they have each other to lean on while changing schools, travelling, meeting new people and holding the pads for each other in their Taekwondo class! It’s the cutest thing you’ve ever seen….although Jake has mentioned on several occasions that Lily has kicked him in the Penis….twice;)

Nick and I have joined the kids in Taekwondo classes as well and I too, have kicked a penis but it was Nick’s….and only once….so far!!! We LOVE it and laugh way too much and have so many fun moments with the kids but it’s also serious and Master Anthony is super pro and might actually help us retain something. www.vitalitytaekwondo.com

Nick has settled in at work and has joined a local business network. He’s been travelling all over and even went down to Monterrey, Mexico for a conference. When the plane landed, he started feeling sick – a few days before he ran in the Houston Marathon and was still recovering from the 42 km run. Short Version – he took a Covid test right away, tested positive and had the opportunity to stare at the walls of his hotel room while the other guys absorbed all the information the conference had to offer. He was happy they could take it all in and I was happy that I didn’t have a sick husband at home…you know, right;) He rested way more there than if he was at home which worked out well. BUT….

Here was the challenge – How was he going to get home? He couldn’t get on an airplane in good conscience and honestly they wouldn’t let him fly anyways because he was Covid Positive. Monterrey is a 2.5 hour drive from the Texas border so a masked Nick and Juan, his business account manager, hopped in an Uber to the border crossing (cost to the border $200) then WALKED across the Rio Grand River into Laredo, Texas (you know, that city that’s always on that border patrol show) and rented a car and drove another 6 hours home. Seems sketchy?? Ya, you bet it was!! Geeze!! We were so thankful that Juan helped Nick navigate this entire trip and got him home safely. Side Note, Juan did not get Covid which is crazy!!! Who know’s how long he would have been down there for. I mean, he really wants to learn Spanish but there’s likely easier ways than that!!

Let’s get back to the Marathon – Nick ran a Freaking Marathon guys, that’s 42 km’s and it took him 4 hours and 8 minutes which included bathroom breaks and wardrobe adjustments. The kids made signs and were so pumped to cheer him on even though it meant that we would have to wake up and hit the road by 4am!!! I packed plenty of food, blankets, pillows, cards, and an iPad for a movie. Once we parked, we converted our school bus of an SUV into a bed/picnic area and let me tell you – It was great!! What I didn’t anticipate is how emotional we would all be when he crossed the finish line – I was crying, the kids were cheering and we were hugging and screaming all at the same time. There are 30,000 runners in this race, it’s mind blowing and when Nick crossed the finish line it was at least 30 minutes before we got sweaty hugs from him!!

Marathons are intense – seems obvious, right BUT they are actually intense for the entire family. It’s a full commitment from everyone and it starts off innocent with longer runs taking about an hour and a half but by the end Nick was running a minimum of 10 hours a week in addition to weight training and his longer runs were 3 hours. He was a beast but let me tell you those weekend runs really cramped our family time and my patience after dealing with the house hold and entertaining the kids all week all while balancing work was wearing on us all. Would we do it again?….probably but now knowing the stamina we would all need to get through it, I’m sure it might be a bit of time before the next one. While we wait for that day to arrive, we will keep encouraging Nick to run and he has signed up for a few half marathons coming up. One takes place in a couple weeks and we have signed up for our first family 2 km run next weekend! The kids are pumped, perhaps Jake more than Lily but Nick has inspired them to race, which is pretty cool.

Since we have arrived, we have made it our mission to explore every weekend and make the most of our time while we are down here. We went to a Houston Texans Football game, Drove to Louisiana and let the dogs swim in the ocean and let the kids collect way too many sea shells, spent some time on Galveston Island and have spent a lot of hours driving around and checking out local parks.

We are all finding our groove, but to be honest it did take a solid month to feel at home and to stop needing the GPS for absolutely EVERY place;). It’s surprising to me how much the warmer weather has made me happy. Life is also quite a bit simpler living in our ‘family bubble’ where we can focus on ourselves and limit the challenges of today’s ongoing craziness.

Thanks for reading everyone. We hope you’re all doing well and staying safe:). Love and hugs from The Willards.

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