Duluth – The Willards Have arrived!!!

Watch yourselves Duluthians (I have NO idea if this is accurate, haha) the Willards are in town and we are looking to shake things up!!! By shake things up, I mean, probably the exact opposite…. Unless shaking it up means working and going to bed at a reasonable hour – then we are down with that. We are such bad asses, ask anyone!!

Duluth is a beautiful city and is right on Lake Superior, such a treat for a lake deprived family from Alberta. It doesn’t have any nasty algae problems, which is always delightful, BUT its FREEZING. Nice to look at but hypothermia might take you out in July, go figure.

Versys has had a shop here for 4 years and when you looked out the front window – BAM, there was Lake Superior. So Lovely. Nick had an opportunity to lease a place on the same road as the Enbridge Terminal and Husky Refinery – Great for signage, terrible view!! While I was packing up our house up a few months ago, Nick was packing and moving shops. Then he came home and got to do it all over again, Lucky Guy!!

So Here’s a little Geography Lesson – Duluth Minnesota is separated from Superior Wisconsen by a bridge and possibly a cloud of despair (on the Superior side, of course – please DO Not be fooled by its name). Hehe, sorry Superior People. It’s a great place as well but my heart is on the Duluth Side so I’m a bit biased!!

We had travelled as a family to Duluth a few months ago so the kiddos were pretty pumped to get here!! ‘Are we in Duluth yet mama?’ We stayed in a hotel with a Giant Water Park on that trip, little did we know they would forever assume that Duluth itself was a huge POOL!! We have been here now for 2 weeks and they are finally coming around but when they say that we are in Duluth it always seems like there’s a lingering question mark in their statement!

Our first RV park we stayed at was on the Superior Side and was quite close to Nick’s work. This is where we discovered TICS – EWWWW. So here’s a current Tic Chart:

  • Cheryl – 1
  • Nick – .5 (One crawled on him but didn’t bite)
  • Lloyd – 3
  • Gunner – 3
  • Jake – 1
  • Lily – 0 (lucky girl)

I am officially Tic Paranoid but Nick has become an expert in removing them, Our Hero!!

Lily has asked a few times if she could go home and I’ve asked her which home? She replies – Her Regular home. We give her lots of extra hugs and she bounces back quickly. Jake never asks about home – he just wants to know if we’ll see a train today? Such resilience:)

We hope everyone is doing well and we will add more shortly and add lots of pics:)

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