What about the Dogs?

The Pups!

Lloyd and Gunner are so glad you asked!!!! You know, since these small humans arrived the attention is often centered on them, can you imagine?? I mean, they still sleep in our bed when they can and eat all the leftovers and toddler droppings so life isn’t terrible for these two beasts.

Nick and I had the challenge of deciding how to transport the dogs with an already full cab of the truck. I was nervous to have them ride in the trailer and wasn’t quite sure what the set up looked like exactly so we decided to test run a few ideas before we left. We settled on keeping them in our Bedroom which is right above the truck box and basically when the slides are all in, the room is essentially just a bed. We have the baby monitor set up so we can watch them and most importantly keep an eye on the temperature. They basically sleep the entire time we’re travelling.

I know, I know, you guys all thought I married Nick for his looks BUT ladies it turns out it was for his electrical skills, when he starts talking about auto transfer switches, I can’t help but be terribly excited I won this guy over. Apparently, auto transfer switches are an excellent thing and it lets us run the generator while we are driving and the dogs stay nice and cool.

Anyone that chatted with me before we left knows that I was a little more stressed with having the dogs with us…..

  • Will they bark all day? Actually, No – They’ve been amazing!!
  • Get tangled with the kids or clothes line them constantly? – Yes but only sometimes;) The kids are getting quick!
  • What should I do with the dogs and kids while Nick is at work? Nick gets up and takes them for a run every morning and often he takes them to work. If they stay home with us, we’ve managed to get a system so The kids and I can walk altogether – I mean, we look like a total circus act BUT…..
  • Will they get tics (YES)
  • Will they s**t in the trailer….gack!! YES but only Gunner….twice….He is a shy guy and has never been a good leash pooper!!

All in all, they are really not stressful at all to have with us. The trailer is big enough where were not tripping all over each other so that’s awesome. Gunner has even started sleeping with the kids and its super cute;)

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