Mullets, Masks, and Compression Socks

We made it through the border everyone!! Yay! To be honest, it took about an hour for the guards to let us pass – we may have started sweating a bit by the 45 minute mark. Mostly I couldn’t imagine turning back around after the day we had before.

We made our way through Montana and Idaho and have settled in Spokane, WA for a week. We had some interesting stays along the way and I’ve had time to reflect – Memories keep flooding back. For instance, I did forget how many mullets an RV Trailer Park houses but this trip I feel like the amount of men I’ve seen wearing shorts in combination with compression socks has been shockingly high.

We love staying at more remote parks – more nature and room but let me tell you, staying at an RV park in the city, hands down draws the most eclectic crowd!!! We love chatting with people and always find that we are surrounded by the friendliest and most helpful variety;). Most of the city RV parks are small and I’m sure we are an abolute sight – trying to wrangle our beast of a trailer into these narrow spots! I’m also quite sure I’m inspiring onlookers with my ability to help Nick navigate the geography of our site (HARD EYE ROLL). Remember sillies, that’s why we have a back up camera. You know, to save our marriage. I recently recieved my 23 and Me Test results back and I’m missing the gene that gives me a sense of direction. At least now I have a scientific excuse;);)

I bet you’re all wondering if Gunner has recoved from his traumatic Bed Shit? The big guy is doing well and doesn’t seem to house any regret……interesting!! Lloyd is also doing well but didn’t want Gunner to be the ‘star’ and has tried to one up him!! Yep, another shit story!!! 2 in 1 trip, lucky me;);).

So, picture this: It’s a nice evening and I’ve decided to head out for a walk, conveniently an hour before bed time – You know the time, when the house is just so peaceful and the kids are calm and relaxed…ya!! I take the dogs, at this point both are trying to get as far away from the little psychos running around. I save them! We go outside and walk for about a half hour and that’s when it happens!! Lloyd just can’t take it anymore and decides that while we are crossing a VERY busy street he needs to drop a deuce now…on the CROSSWALK while so many cars are waiting to turn left. Never in his life has he done this and now here I am fumbling for the bags while both dogs are discusted beyond belief and try to get as far away from said poop as possible!! I now have 200lbs of dog pulling at me as I’m trying to pick up this poop quickly. You know when you’re trying to catch a piece of paper in the wind, it was a bit like that. Everytime I got close I would get yanked and miss it. Anyways – Long story even longer – I was able to get it and got a couple sympathy honks (at least that’s what I’ve convinced myself). Lloyd was not ashamed, just more annoyed that I was taking so long. I will, however, take this any day over shit in my bed, weird;)

We wanted to share some photos of our trip so far:)

We hope everone is doing well and keeping safe, I know we are in our little trailer house!! You know you’re a close family when Nick decides to take a shower and while he’s in there, I go in and do my hair, One of the kids comes in to ‘drop some kids off at the pool’ and the other just joins so they don’t miss out!! We have 2 bathrooms people!! This doesn’t need to happen but I can honestly say, it doesn’t really bother anyone!! Thanks for reading everyone!! Big Virtual Hugs from The Willards.

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